Some Australians who have been sponsoring Tibetan Refugee monks for many years say that a beautiful relationship develops through written correspondence and email. One told my friend Jolanta "I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life..." Another invited his sponsor to India to be present at his initiation with the Dalai Lama. Sponsors are deeply touched to get letters like this:

I am Jamyang Sonam (your adopted son) and 27th age.  I am extremely happy and glad to receive your kind help. Just to say that I was far away from my land and all my relatives, here some unknown kind and good people like you come across in my life and take care of mine conditions. I appreciate people like you whom understand the reaction of others and helping such a unknown people like me. This is great I think....write me something about yourself in your next letter okay. Right now we are long distance but in my prayers we are very close like in the same home.

I will be praying for you, may all universal auspiciousness come to you, may all the blessings of the Buddhas of all directions come to you, may your body be healthy, may your speech be sweet, may your mind be loving, may your family be happy, may your work be successful. I am sure I miss you very much every moment in my heart and would like to offer this poem, from your loving got son:

Snow land full of treasure
Tibet full of kind, peaceful people
The land was full of monasteries and nunneries
Tibet: the land of snow mountains.

Other nations have a cheerful outlook
With endless cultural possibilities
But since 1959 Tibet is full of sorrow.

H.H. the Dalai Lama is full of sweet smiles
Brimming with compassion and warm nature
His country full of noble families

But Tibet is full of sorrow since 1959
Therefore I request to all of you: Save Tibet!
Thanks for your heart of sorrow.

~ Tenzin Gyatso

"I would have to say that contact and sponsoring the monks is a very touching experience. Their compassion runs deep and they touch you in a very special way. They talk to your heart. They have such a deep and sincere gratitude for the little that we do in sending money. I long for their communications and feel happiness and joy on receiving it. Their letters make my day."

Karen Saunders of Scoresby, Vic, Australia



Thanks you very much for your kindly letter and help for me. I born on border of Tibet. I have both of parents and sister and brother. My home so poor, they are farmer. My father send me to Sera-Mey to study philosopy. I am 13 year old. I wake up 6am go to school and at 9pm I sleep. Tuesday is holiday to wash clothes. I don't go outside of monastery. We never consider your kindness as being different from that of our parents. And we all pray your all friend and your family are long life and good health and son. Please reply soon, I wait for letter.

- Jamyang Singee.

"I carry a photo of Jamyang everywhere with me along with a photo of my biological son and proudly show everybody 'my two sons'. It's truly a blessing to be able to help them. When I got my first letter in English from Jamyang I cried with joy."

Menkit Prince of Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Your support enables them to purchase much needed texts for study, monk robes, shoes, all doctor bills and medications. Medications are very expensive. Antibiotics cost AUD$20 for 6 pills! Many of them need to purchase reading glasses. Whenever possible, they travel 2500 km to see His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala so they need money for the train fare. Each week the monks have a day off. On that day no food is provided by the monastery. Having money means they can eat that day. Many of them go to town so they have to pay transportation there and back. In addition to miscellaneous expenses (stamps, stationery,batteries etc).

All it takes is US$30 per month for their basic needs. When you think of it, this is so little money - we spend this every day on trivia. You will be sending the money direct to them so you can be sure every penny goes to your personally sponsored monk.

If you can't afford a sponsorship, any donation would be greatly appreciated.

There is also the option to purchase a hand-painted original Thanka of the Buddha or mandala of your choice. Each Thanka takes up to 30 days full-time to complete so they are truly one of a kind masterpieces of great value and special blessings. The money raised from the sale will go direct to the monks.

Currently we would like to provide more colloidal silver generators for them as many die of infectious diseases so prevalent in India. Their systems have not had a chance to build up a resistance to the various pathogens prevalent in India and they often get sick.

It's a very enriching experience to be able to give to these pure hearted people knowing that you may be saving a life. Their gratitude will touch the bottom of your heart.

For more information on how to be a sponsor, make donations or purchase a Thanka contact

Thanks to Tim Strachan of for donating a colloidal silver generator to this project. Please visit his website. He has some very interesting alternative energy technology to share to enhance the quality of your living.

Brian Wilkinson of Zeta Potential (61)746-389-035 donated a colloidal silver generator which he manufactures.

Thanks also to Flannerys Health Foods at Miami, on the Gold Coast for donating a large bottle of Grapefruit Seed Extract (natural antibiotic).

Also visit who liaise and help these monks in countless ways. In addition they have an online prayer group where people from all over the world pray for each other and send each other reiki. They also urgently need funding to build an alternative healing center for children with AIDS in Goa, India. These children have nowhere to go and are social outcasts.


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