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"I had chronic Fatigue syndrome, diarrhea, vomiting, allergies, aching all over, muscle weakness, hair loss (only to mention a few). I lost so much weight people asked me how much time I had left. I'm not kidding! After a couple of bites of food I would need a 2 hour nap. After 3 days of severe diarrhea and vomiting I ended up dehydrated in hospital where I was diagnosed with hyperactive thyroid (Graves disease). The medication they gave me was slowly destroying my thyroid (and who knows what else).

I was introduced to essential oils - oh, what a change! My heart rate (previously 100 on a good day) was now lowering. But I still needed help with my diet. When I started using your cook book, I felt even better. I had tried all the vegetarian diets but I was always hungry. Now I eat like a king and feel like a million dollars. As long as I stay on the foods from your cookbook, I feel great and definitely experience the benefits of cooking with essential oils. No more aches or tiredness - I have lots of energy and am satisfied.

The recipes are easy to make and not time-consuming. The oils are so healing and a great addition to all recipes. I want to thank you for this wonderful cookbook - I actually enjoy cooking now and I have the energy to do it! Thank you."
Susan Lenz
Little Falls, MN

Even though I became vegan ten years ago at 13 years of age, I used to derive more pleasure from preparing meals for my loved ones who ate meat and dairy. Often I would cook up a storm for my family and then heat something simple for myself in the microwave.

After reading The Essential oil Cookbook, I have now incorporated the recipes and food principles into my diet and that of my loved ones, so that we are all eating healthier. Now I enjoy cooking not only for others but for myself as well. Given that this is a lifestyle, rather than a temporary dietary change, I am gradually transforming my meals and my awareness of what I am eating and why. So I still eat pita bread, hot chips and 2 minute noodles (my treats), but make a conscious effort to base my meals on fresh vegetables and organic grains.

After recovering from disordered eating patterns, it is important for me to feel that I am not depriving myself of food but gaining a variety of fruits, vegetables and grains that I would not normally eat in my conventional "tofu or vegeburger with salad" diet.

My favourite recipes so far are Nymph Avocado Dressing, Ancient Sage Dressing, Guatemala Salsa, Creamy Mexican Guacamole, Taj Mahal Curry (without agar powder which I can't locate), Thai Tempeh Loaf (as burgers) and Aussie Burgers. These recipes have become my staples.

I use the idea of rolled rice/oats with a mixture of fresh and dried fruit as the basis of my breakfasts which I soak the night before to save time. Consequently I now eat two or three healthy meals a day instead of one huge meal of anything I could cook up or thaw in less than ten minutes!

When I read through the recipes my first thought was that they looked great but I would never have the time or motivation to make many of them. However, I have found that I don't really have any problems with time because dressings and so forth last several days and burgers can be made in bulk and frozen. Many of the recipes make a delicious main meal within 30 minutes. Although my partner initially sniffed and gingerly tasted his new vegetable dishes (being of the meat and three vege only persuasion) he now requests servings of Guatemala Salsa and Chateau Lyon Potatoes with Socrates Sage Sauce and chicken with Boro Boro Lemongrass Dressing to name a few.

Sometimes I substitute more expensive ingredients with less expensive ones, but this does not seem to impact on taste. Will keep you informed of future developments in the area of health improvement as a result of these dietary changes.
Alesha Allott
Beaumaris, Vic, Australia

"I can't praise this book high enough - it's exactly what I've been looking for. For a long time I've been wanting to use essential oils internally but didn't know where to start. It's my favorite cookbook. It's helping me find delicious substitutes for dairy products so I can quit them. The recipes are so simple and they taste good. I want to make every single recipe!
Liz Barr
Great Neck, NY

"I am a terrible cook, but even I can use this book!"
Sue Michaelson
Chicago Illinois, USA

"This book is a work of art. If my house burned down, this book is one of two things I would grab - the rest I can do without!"
Lena Simone
Maryland, USA

Last night I made Bangkok Soy Chicken and tonight I'm nursing a convalescing friend whom I'm picking up from the hospital after work - so I'm making some Bengal Ginger Soup. I intend to work/cook/eat my way through the entire book!. What a positive wonderfu and inspirational effect you've had on my life - even in this very short time-frame!
Therese Murphy
Eungella, NSW, Australia

The Essential Oil Cookbook will create a revolutionary breakthrough by demonstrating that essential oils can be ingested safely and beneficially in food. This will in turn help North America to join the rest of the world in the medical rediscovery of pure essential oils as God-given medicines. Menkit has taken the high road by providing truly nutritious recipes. Even without the addition of essential oils, these recipes would help anyone keep toxic intestinal bacteria to a minimum. Using essential oils in nutritious food daily, eating becomes a healing pathway. As Hippocrates said "Let food be your medicine and medicine your food." I sincerely hope many Americans will read this book and use it to make positive changes in their eating habits. The creation of a global paradise is in our own hands - we create it by what we eat as well as what we think. I love this book - thank you, Menkit, for your wonderful global contribution. I definitely recommend it to my readers all over the world."
Daniel Pénoël, M.D.
author, Natural Home Health Care Using Essential Oils

"Eating pure, high-quality essential oils can improve circulation, oxygenation and protect against heart disease, dementia and cancer. Scientists have shown that limonene (found in citrus oils) can cause cancer cells to become stunted or even die. I recommend this book to all my patients as it combines the benefits of proper eating habits with the therapeutic value of essential oils in a way that is easy to understand and implement in our daily lives."
Phillip Minton, M.D.
American College for the Advancement of Medicine

A wonderfully practical guide that makes healthful eating simple and delicious.
Neal Barnard, M.D.
President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
author Eat Right Live Longer

Her recipes are avant-garde yet the essence of simplicity. A dynamite book!
Rita Romano
author, Dining in the Raw

Delightful! The information and style are great. I hope every kitchen in America is blessed with this book.
Howard F. Lyman
author, The Mad Cowboy


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