The Essential Oil Cookbook holds the key to learning how to eat more healthily than ever and offering the most fun weight loss diet imaginable. Cooking with essential oils takes a wholefood diet to the next level of gourmet.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) did a study showing that 64% of all Americans are overweight including 30% who are obese. About 15% children aged 6-19 yrs are overweight, double the rate of 2 decades ago. In 2000, there were 400,000 deaths due largely to obesity. The LA Times says "Today's children may become the first generation with a shorter life expectancy than their parents largely due to obesity."

With over 30,000 diets on record, all claiming to give you better health and a more ideal weight who are you to believe? Robert Atkins, author of The Atkins Diet, died at age 72 of heart disease weighing 258 lbs. Barry Sears, author of The Zone can't stay on his own diet. Dr Roy Walford, author of The 120 Year Diet, has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease - to name just a few.

Why not follow the diet of a people who have a track record for extreme longevity by avoiding premature death caused by degenerative disease and obesity? That is the traditional Hunza diet followed by the people of the Kashmir Valley. And to prove this diet works, author Menkit Prince has posted her biomarkers (measures of longevity) on this site and in The Essential Oil Cookbook.

In addition, Menkit has made it easier for you to transition to a healthier diet by using aromatherapy grade essential oils to flavor whole foods. The Egyptians were the first to distill essential oils around 6,000 years ago. Ingesting essential oils have medical benefits especially when combined with unprocessed whole foods.

Regularly followed, these recipes will help you:

Strengthen Your Immune System
Lose Excess Weight
Improve Your Health
Help You Live Longer
Increase Your Energy And Libido
Eliminate Menopausal Symptoms And PMS
Balance Mood Swings And Depression
Eliminate The Primary Cause Of Heart Disease, Cancer, Arthritis Etc.
Oxygenate Blood
Improve Circulation
Detoxify The Body
Protect Yourself From Mad Cow Disease

So now you have the key to eliminate many health problems, feel sensational at any age, avoid hospitals and nursing homes, improve the quality of your life AND eat food that is elegantly out of this world yet so simple to prepare!

The journey of ten thousand miles begins with the first step - click on the menu items above to begin. You can't have health unless you fight for it. Are you ready to fight for the foundation of your life - your health? The time to begin is now. Why wait?

Imagine a world where there were no overweight people. Imagine a world where people died of old age and not degenerative diseases. Imagine a world where people made respectful dietary choices that were in harmony with the earth

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