These Tibetan Refugee monks have just passed over the border and are looking for sponsors. Keep an eye on this page for new monks coming over the border.

"My name is Ngwang Cholkang. I was born in Tibet. I have only my mother. I have eye problems. My home is very poor."

"My name is Jamyang. I was born on the border of Leh and Tibet and am 15 years old. I have only my father. My house is poor. I need a medical check-up and have problems with my legs and hand."

"My name is Lobsang. I am a new comer from Tibet. I have no relations in India. I had no time to study in Tibet therefore I came to India to study. I have problems with my health."

"I am 14 years old. I was born on the Leh and Tibetan Border. I have a father and a mother, both poor. My parents sent me to study at Sera-Mey monastery but I am sick and it is very difficult to study."
Nawang Nobu
"I was born 15 yrs ago on the border of India to Tibetan parents with 3 sisters and one brother. My father died of T.B. recently and my mother couldn't support me so II became a monk. My aim is to become a Geshe. Please support my dharma studies. I would like to say a lot of thanks to you from my heart and with many prayers for you."

Gelek Lodoe
"20 years ago I was born to a poor Tibetan family in India who couldn't afford to look after all 4 kids." My father helped me understand Buddhism then I decided to become a monk. Here in the monastery I have to buy books, medicines etc. which I cannot ask my parents for. If you can help I will pray that you receive whatever you want in this life. That is my deep heart prayer."


Samten Gyatso
I was born in 1977 in Tibet and ordained at 9 yrs of age. After a big protest I was imprisoned several times and tortured by the Chinese. I escaped on foot for a month over the Himalayan mountains but Nepalese police seized my belongings. We were beaten and imprisoned. Thanks to H.H. Dalai Lama I was able then to go to Sera-Mey. As a refugee I have financial problems and no help from parents. I would appreciate very much a sponsor. Many prayers for you.

Tsultrim Palden
II am 12 years old and new to Sera Mey Monastery. I need a sponsor to help me. Thank you so much!

Tsultrim Woenang
II was born in 1995 and new to Sera Mey Monastery. My parents are Tibetan but escaped to India. If someone chooses to sponsor me I would be so happy!


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These monks have escaped from Tibet after being beaten by Chinese police, driven out of their monasteries and separated from their families. A relatively new law by the Chinese Government restricts the number of monks per monastery, leaving many monks homeless and penniless on the streets. Many have walked for a month over dangerous mountains in extreme cold to escape into Nepal. For the ones who don't die in the process, on arrival many get turned back by the Nepalese police who are co-operating with the Chinese Government. These unfortunate ones then risk being tortured, shot or imprisoned. Most of those who survive the ordeal have no money and suffer poor health due to poor diet, change in altitude, temperature, infectious diseases and long stressful journeys. Some have lost all their family members.

Sera-Mey generously offers exile to these monks. It is a huge monastery with almost 4,500 monks, 85% of whom are Tibetan, studying Buddhist philosophy. Inside the monastery are 13 colleges. Some very young children are sent to Sera-Mey because their aging Tibetan parents are farmers and are too poor to support them.

This is a golden opportunity for you to make a difference for the Tibetan people whose race and culture is being decimated by the Chinese Government. Buddhists believe that generosity creates the cause to be reborn in a noble wealthy family in the future with a beautiful body. We spend our whole life working for our material welbeing - trying to get a better home, a better car etc - but we never think about making our future lives better. Therefore by helping these monks even in a small way creates the cause for us to have a more favorable future life.

Actually sponsoring one monk is helping far more than one person because in the future they will be helping countless more people. In Buddhism it is taught that the purpose in life is more than just seeking one's own pleasure and welfare. To really make life meaningful, we should strive to relieve the suffering of all beings, not just humans. Therefore your original act of generosity becomes multiplied infinitely!

Buddhists also believe that it is very important to respect and love your parents. These monks see their sponsor as their parent. Since the parent's love, support and dedication is never ending, they feel very grateful for whatever their sponsor does for them and this is very clearly expressed in correspondence to their sponsors.

In return for your generosity, they pray for you. All day long they are studying and doing prayers; this is their life. You can make a special prayer request for an area in your life that needs help or on behalf of another person who needs help. The monks can also send you holy objects such as Buddha statues or the famous 'precious pills" that contain over 100 precious healing substances that are effective in helping cancer patients with pain.

With other programs you donate money on a regular basis, perhaps receive a photo and that's it. There's no personal direct contact with your monk. With this program, you go direct to your monk who replies to your correspondence and even email. There is no go-between ... it's just you and your monk. This is a more personal touch and more fulfilling to both parties.

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