Menkit Prince is a pioneer in the art of combining essential oils with food. Born in Australia in 1951, she has been involved in aromatherapy for the past 10 years teaching classes on essential oil application for improved physical and emotional well being.

Her research into alternative healing methods convinced her that diet is the most important factor in creating vibrant health. After graduating from the East West Foundation in Sydney in 1981, she taught macrobiotic cooking, shiatsu, Japanese Okido Yoga and Oriental Medicine. Over the next 10 years she founded and directed several healing centers in Australia and New Mexico, USA.

After years of experimentation, she now embraces the diet of the world's longest-lived cultures, specifically the Hunzas (in the Kashmir Valley) on which Weigh Less, Eat Like Royalty (formerly The Essential Oil Cookbook) is based. Menkit Prince is the first author to combine essential oils with the traditional Hunza diet in this unique and innovative cookbook. She is proof that this diet works as she gives her longevity profile (measure of biological age - see below).

Since 1965 she has practised and taught yoga and has been a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism for 26 years. Her hobbies include sacred dance, Japanese tea ceremony, handwriting analysis, flower arranging, astronomy, interspecies communication and clothing design. She is also a writer of a variety of articles focusing on animal rights, the environment, poetry, comedy, and spirituality.

However, since her #1 preoccupation is now trying to save this beautiful, miraculous Earth from impending global destruction, including the 6th Mass Extinction of all species, she is a full-time activist. First on the list, since she now lives back in Australia, is to try and stop the largest slaughter of land-based wildlife on the planet - kangaroos. Kangaroos are on track to extinction and yet people in Australia blindly believe they are in plague proportions and need to be culled before they graze down the country. You can read proof and do something to help at and

She is also teaching cooking and raw food classes showing people how they can switch to a plant-based diet, enjoy more energy, health, lose weight, and last but not least, help the planet and billions of animals.

We are running out of time - there is just a small window of opportunity to make a difference and save this blue-green gem floating in space before it will be too late - assuming it is not already too late. Won't you join her and do something for the sake of all creatures on earth, not just your children?

Her two children's books to help enlighten kids are available at and

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