Even for those of you with a library full of cookbooks, this book has something totally new and different to offer that you won't find elsewhere. Whether you are an aromatherapy connoisseur intrigued with the concept of flavoring food with essential oils or needing to radically change your diet for the better and lose excess weight, this book will transform your life!

Consider gifting a copy to that special person in your life who has everything except health and a slim body!

Here's just a few reasons why you will not be able to put this book down till you have read it from cover to cover:-

This is the first book in publishing history to combine the diet of the Hunzas (extreme longevity culture) with essential oils for flavoring. The diet promotes weight control and long life. Essential oils radically transform whole foods into spectacular cuisine - flavors beyond anything you can imagine, making tastes fit for the gods within reach of mortals.

This is the first cookbook in the world and the first web site in the world whose author posts her personal biomarkers (indicators of longevity) and compares them to an average 50yr old American woman.  If a cookbook claims to help you be healthier and live longer you should know how healthy that author is!

185 original, outrageously delicious and easy to make recipes with few ingredients (4 -8 Average). Click here to see sample recipes...

A total of 28 different, flavorful essential oils are used.

22 different recipe categories. From soy chicken, tofu cheesecake and quiche, pesto, salsa and Baba Ganouj to sprouted breads, studel, pies, innovative ice cream, custard and milk alternatives to elegant energy bars and chocolate - along with staples such as soup, grains, beans, tofu, tempeh, vegetable dishes, sauces, dips, dressings, desserts, tea and coffee substitutes. This is not a deprivation diet!

Ideal for those on a low-fat, gluten-free diet, dairy-free diet.

Fiber-rich, mainly unprocessed ingredients for better health and improved elimination.

Instructions on how to sprout your own wheat to make sprouted breads etc.

Fun recipe titles e.g. Taj Mahal Curry, Chateau Lyon Potatoes, Her Majesty's Cranberry Jelly.

Cruelty-free. No animals or animal by-products are used as ingredients. Totally vegan.

Contains a chapter written by James L.Symes, Ph.D. which explains how essential oils are broken down and used by the body.

Kitchen friendly book is 8 1/2'' x 11'' and spiral bound for easy use. The text is in large font specially for baby boomers so you don't have to be looking for your glasses to read the directions!

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