Imagine what it will be like being able to fit into clothes you haven't worn for years, your body feeling full of energy, light and able to move easily and quickly? Experiencing better health? Feeling more attractive to the opposite sex?

We guarantee you can achieve this with the traditional Hunza diet and recipes from Weigh Less, Eat Like Royalty (formerly The Essential Oil Cookbook). Why? Because Hunza people (along with Asians) never have obesity in their culture until they adopt western-style foods.

What is the Hunza Diet?
Sensational Menu Samples
Cause of Weight Gain
Can I get enough nutrients from a plant-based diet?

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So Are You Ready?

What is the Hunza Diet?
The Hunza people traditionally ate unprocessed foods rich in fiber. Basing your diet on these approximate percentages works:-

40% calories from whole grains (rice,wheat,barley,oats,rye)
30% calories from vegetables (including potatoes)
15% from fruits,
10% pulses, beans
4% seeds, nuts, avocadoes, soy
1% or less from animal products

About 80% of vegetables and fruits are eaten raw (and 100% organic). The Hunzas consume only 10-15% of total calories from fat. the Hunza diet is not a no-fat diet but a low-fat diet.

The Hunzas also drink a lot of water. No diet coke, coffee, carbonated drinks - just pure water. Many of us eat when we are really only thirsty.

Sensational Menu Samples
Does this diet sound a bit bland to you? Are your tastebuds accustomed to rich, spicy, sweet, complex foods? This is where Weigh Less, Eat Like Royalty comes in. Taking the ingredients used by the Hunzas then jazzing them up with pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, takes eating to the next level of pleasure so you will never feel deprived!

Simple Version
Breakfast: Soup click here, oatmeal, sprouted bread, nut butter ~ fruit smoothies
Lunch: Salad & dressing, potato, tofu/ fruit salad
Dinner: Rice, steamed veges, tofu, beans
Snacks: Raw veges and fruit. Drink water between meals when hungry.

Elegant Version
Click here to read sample menu for a week of gourmet recipes to help you lose excess fat. Menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Of course you can mix simple and elegant menus to save time. You don't have to use only recipes from Weigh Less, Eat Like Royalty.

Cause of Weight Gain

There are many causes such as overeating due to boredom/stress instead of hunger, sedentary lifestyle, underactive thyroid resulting in sluggish metabolism, poor digestion and bad habits such as drinking with meals, eating before bed, inadequate chewing. The main reason for weight gain is the type of foods you eat. It's impossible to gain weight if you are eating primarily vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans and a small amount of fat from nuts/seeds/avocados.

Let's examine the foods that contribute to surplus body fat:-

* Saturated Animal Fat
* Flour Products
* Sugar and Alcohol
* Vegetable Oil
* Fried, Processed Junk Food

Saturated Animal Fat
All animal products (meat, dairy, eggs, fish) contain saturated fat which cloggs arteries. According to the USDA nutrient database viewable at shows the following percentage of fat as saturated:

FISH = 15-25%, CHICKEN/TURKEY/PORK/LAMB = 25%, EGG = 30%, BEEF = 45%, COWS' MILK = 66%

The fat found in tofu, nuts, seeds, avocados is much lower in saturated fat:


However, you are less likely to eat a similar quantity of nuts compared to a larger volume of animal products like an omelet, fillet of fish, steak, glass of milk etc. so therefore the risk of ingesting high quantities of saturated fat from nuts is much lower.

Flour Products
There is a connection with flour and obesity. When grain is ground ot make flour it loses its fiber; its consistency becomes like dust and so when it enters the small intestine it passes through tiny gateways and goes directly into the blood stream where it raises blood sugar, blood insulin and blood pressure leading to diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

In China people eat 25% more carbohydrates than people in America yet they have 25% less obesity. Why? Because Chinese people eat complex carboyhydrates in the form of whole rice and potatoes whereas Americans eat refined carbohydrates in the form of flour (breads, pizza, donuts, pasta, pies, cakes, cookies).

Weigh Less, Eat Like Royalty uses no flour products whatsoever. Using sprouted wheat to make bread, pies, cookies means you still have the fiber.

Sugar and Alcohol
If you read labels on supermarket foods & drinks you will see that everything contains sugar - even "No Added Sugar" by law permits up to 10% sugar. Studies show a direct link between sugar consumption and obesity. Alcohol turns to sugar in the bloodstream and therefore contributes to fat. Quitting sugar is not easy because sugar is addictive. Honey is 99% sugar and not much better. Try Stevia (a herb which is 30-300 times sweeter than sugar and balances blood sugar) to replace sugar.

Vegetable Oil
Weigh Less, Eat Like Royalty also uses no vegetable oil (such as olive, avocado, flax, sunflower, safflower, sesame, canola, peanut etc). When vegetable oil is produced, its fiber is removed leaving 100% fat. In order to get your essential fatty acids, instead use whole food sources such as nuts, seeds, avocados, beans, blue-green algae. The dressings, sauces and dips from Weigh Less, Eat Like Royaltycontain many of these whole food sources of essential fatty acids instead of vegetable oils.

Fried, Processed Junk Food
These foods yield empty calories that leave the body starving for nutrients like vitamins and minerals, leading to a vicious cycle of overeating. This is beautifully exemplified by the movie SuperSize Me in which Morvin Spurlock ate 3 meals a day at McDonalds for a month. He gained 30lb and his cholesterol went from 168 to 230. After 2 weeks the doctors told him his liver had turned to pate it was so infiltrated with fat. He started experiencing massive chest pains, couldn't breathe, was lethargic, depressed and lost his sex drive. After eating each McDonald's meal, because it was so deficient in nutrients, in just a few hours he was hungry again. Can you see how this type of food easily leads to obesity?

Can I get enough Nutrients from a Plant-Based Diet?

If you look at the nutrient table found at you will find that it is easy to get plenty of protein according to the human needs from plant food. The human requirement for protein is only 5.9% (the protein content of human breast milk). According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the human need for protein is 4%, the World Health Organisation says 6% and the National Research Council says 8%.

According to Dr. T. Colin Campbell from the China Health Project: "People who eat more meat have higher blood cholesterol levels and higher blood albumen levels, which is a function of protein intake. As blood levels of cholesterol and albumen go up, the diseases we tend to get in the west - cancer, heart disease and diabetes - also start going up. It's quite remarkable."

The real danger is too much protein, not too little. Excess protein contributes to osteoporosis, cancer, gout, kidney stones, rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease. A lower protein diet is an advantage, not a disadvantage. Most American men consume 100g protein when they only need 20-42g.

There is 8-12 times more calcium in sesame seeds than in cows' milk; six times more in tofu; four times as much in tahini; twice as much in almonds; 50% more in arugula, soy greens, kidney beans, great northern beans, danadelion greens, turnip greens, french beans, brazil nuts, garlic and kelp; the same or slightly more in mustard greens, raw spinach, watercress, parsley, collard greens, fava beans, chicory greens, mung beans, cranberries, wakame seaweed, navy beans, black beans, sundried tomatoes, chick peas, peanuts, sunflower seeds and figs.

More importantly, the calcium in dairy is made useless because it is used by the body not so much to build strong bones and strong teeth but to neutralise acidity caused from ingestion of animal products. Minerals are very alkaline and therefore help fight acidity. Calcium is a macro-mineral. Therefore much of the calcium from cows milk will be leached from the body. This is borne out by the fact that the countries with the highest levels of osteoporosis have the highest consumption of dairy and animal products.

Furthermore milk contains pus and blood and can carry infectious diseases like AIDS, E.coli, listeria, tuberculosis, salmonella, bovine leukemia virus, bovine immunodeficcienccy virus (BIV). Dairy products may contain pesticides (found in 70% of U.S. cheese). No milk on the U.S. market is free of pesticide residues. The U.S. allows twice the heptachlor level in milk as permitted by the World Health Organisation. Dairy products may contain up to 82 drugs (the FDA only tests for four of these). Milk may contain traces of 80 different antibiotics. Dairy may also contain dioxins and PCBs. Approximately 12% of rendered cattle are fed to dairy cows. Dairy products may also contain bovine growth hormone (BGH), undisclosed.

Dairy protein is the leading cause of food allergies and is implicated in the cause of insulin-dependent diabetes, cataracts, multiple sclerosis, prostate and ovarian cancers, intestinal blood loss, lymphoma, rheumatoid arthritis, iron-deficiency anemia, lymph node enlargement, osteoporosis and female infertility. Learn about the connection with breast cancer at

Fish has five times more magnesium than beef, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb and ten times more than milk and eggs. However the following foods have more magnesium than fish:

pumpkin seeds have five times more, flax; sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, soy beans, and almonds have three times more; mung beans, cashews, pine nuts, brazil nuts, lima beans, quinoa, walnuts, sundried tomatoes, broadbeans and white beans have twice as much; peanuts, oats, kidney, pinto and black beans have 50% more; macadamia, kelp, pecans, chickpeas, lentils and wakame have slightly more or the same; spinach, tempeh and swiss chard have 75-80% as much as fish.

Spinach has slightly more than beef; hazelnuts and brazil nuts have around twice as much as beef; cashews, flax seeds and parsley have three times more; quinoa, lentils, irish moss, tahini and kidney beans have four times more; pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds have six times more.

Tempeh has the same number of calories per 100g as fish, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, beef, milk, egg. The following foods have 50% more calories than meat and dairy: lentils, kidney beans, lima beans, black beans, great northern beans, pinto beans, chick peas, mung beans. The following foods have twice as many calories as animal foods: pumpkin seeds, soy beans, fava beans. Nuts have three times more calories as animal foods.

The Downside of Animal Products
Animal products are loaded with pathogenic bacteria. Compared with an average plant-based diet which has roughly 500 pathogenic micro-organisms, the average animal-based meal contains 750 million - 1 billion pathogenic micro-organisms. These micro-organisms compromise our immune systems by adding to the toxic load on the body so we can't feel our best.

According to the Fungal Microtoxin Etiology of Human Disease, Vol. 1 1994, the following foods contain pathogenic micro-organisms: 1 cup of pasteurized milk = 5 million, 1 pat butter = 7 million, 1 cup honey = 26 million, 1 egg = 37 million, 1 serving cheese = 100 million, 1 serving ice cream = 225 million, 1 serving beef, poultry or fish = 336 million.

Furthermore, animal products are loaded with cholesterol (not found in plants) and contain absolutely no fiber. Fiber protects you from cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions
* What about protein?
* How do I quit meat?
* How do I quit dairy?
* What about genetics factors?
* My metabolism is slow
* I have poor digestion
* Dealing with food cravings like chocolate
* Why are some vegetarians fat and unhealthy?
* Tips

What About Protein?
Many people think that the best source of protein for the human body is meat. But there are so many health risks from ingesting even organic meat/dairy because of the high level of acidity, saturated fat & cholesterol, natural hormones - not to mention Mad Cow Disease.

Starch-based diets are packed with protein. For example, potatoes are 11% calories from protein, wheat 16%, beans 16%, broccoli 45%, soy 50%, blue-green algae 60-70% compared to 25-30% from beef.

How Do I Quit Meat?
Some people quit cold turkey (excuse the pun). We recommend you cut back slowly. For example, in the first week eat red meat only three times, in the second week twice, the third week once and by the end of the month you are off red meat. Then quit poultry in the same way. Make sure you have meat substitutes available that look and taste similar to meat (available at some supermarkets and health food stores - gardenburgers, fakin' bacon, tofu weiners, tofu ham slices, imitation chicken, beef flavored TVP. Otherwise order from ). Once you are no longer emotionally addicted to eating meat, you can drop these and go to grains, beans, veges as a protein source. Also try cutting down on the volume of your meals to shrink your stomach.

How Do I Quit Dairy?
As above, make sure you have substitutes like soymilk, grain milk, nutmilk, soy cheese, soy yoghurt, tofu yoghurt on hand (available from health food stores and some supermarkets). Eat these until you lose the emotional craving for dairy then quit because many contain undesirable ingredients like casein, sugar. Try the ice cream and milk substitutes in Weigh Less, Eat Like Royalty (click here for recipe).

What About Genetic Factors?
It is only now with the influx of western processed foods into Hunzaland that they are for the first time experiencing degenerative disease and obesity. When Asian people move to the west and adopt a western style diet, they gain excess fat. This means diet overrides heriditary factors and you can lose weight even if your ancestors were overweight.

Another example - the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico used to live up to 100 years. Now after trading their fruits and veges for sugar, flour, tobacco and coffee they are experiencing white man's disease and only live to 55 years of age. Genetics dictate they should be living longer but due to poor diet they are dying off. There used to be over one million citizens - now they are down to less than 50,000 in just 25 years.

My Metabolism is Slow
Our endocrine system can get seriously out of balance from ingesting meat and dairy that contains natural/artificial hormones. Cutting out animal products will help. Additionally, drinking wheatgrass juice daily (1-2 oz three times a day) helps stimulate the thyroid which is responsible for metabolism. Additionally, certain herbs and essential oils can help contact us.

I have Poor Digestion
Taking probiotics and digestive enzymes daily will help along with a good quality colon cleanse contact us.

Dealing With Food Cravings Like Chocolate
Weigh Less, Eat Like Royalty shows you how to create delicious substitutes for normally fattening favorite foods such as chocolate bars click here, tofu cheesecake, pies, cookies, milk, ice cream. Having these substitutes on hand instead of regular foods will help you in moments of weakness. Also drink lots of water between meals. It will help shrink your stomach.

Additionally, inhaling a culinary scent regularly throughout the day, especially when hungry, can suppress our desire to taste and therefore eat because smell is responsible for 90% of our taste. in this way, aromatherapy can help control appetite.

Why are Some Vegetarians Fat and Unhealthy?
Even vegetarians eating dairy can be overweight and suffer from the same diseases as everyone else e.g. Linda McCartney, while not overweight, was not vegan. As a vegetarian she advocated lots of dairy and eggs. As a result she died from breast cancer. Even vegans can be unhealthy if they eat a lot of flour products,sugary snack foods and fried foods.

When hungry, try drinking water instead. If craving something sweet, use Stevia as a sweetener. It is nice in water along with Lemon oil. You can make delicious desserts from Weigh Less, Eat Like Royalty if you feel emotionally like you need it. As much as possible exercise every day. As you begin to feel better, you will be able to exercise more. Exercise moves lymph which moves toxins so it's very beneficial for losing excess fat.

So are you ready?
Are you willing to fight for your new body? As with anything in life if you want something you have to be ready to fight for it. Wild animals fight for territory. Males fight to win females. What are you fighting? Deeply engrained cravings, eating habits and self-sabotage patterns. If you win, you get your health and your life back. Without your health you have nothing. With it, you are like a millionaire because you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

STEP 1 - Order Weigh Less, Eat Like Royalty click here. Cost - US$24.95 plus s/h.
STEP 2 - Take a picture of yourself today.
STEP 3 - Get a journal and write down all your current symptoms and weight.
STEP 4 - Set a goal - how many pounds do you want to shed?
STEP 5 - If possible, enlist the support of your family. Inspire your spouse/partner and kids to make similar dietary changes.
STEP 6 - Invest in a good quality juicer that juices veges, fruit and wheatgrass, homogenises sprouted wheat, makes nut butter and ice cream. This is not crucial but you will save a lot of money from not having to buy sprouted bread, nut butters and vege/wheatgrass juice.
STEP 7 - Read the set-up chapter in Weigh Less, Eat Like Royalty and stock up your kitchen with the foods and appliances you might need. Throw out all your aluminium pots and junk food.
STEP 8 - If you need help with digestion and metabolism, invest in the products that will assist getting you on track. It is not essential for you to order all the essential oils. You can still make the recipes without essential oils and lose fat.
STEP 9 - Look in the mirror and smile. Say "I love you and from now on I will give you only the very best. " Mean it.

Please submit your testimony with before and after photos. You must feel that the primary factor in your weight loss is the diet change. Please include relevant information about your health, emotions, favorite recipes etc. We reserve the right to reject stories that can’t be used. If your story is accepted, it will be printed on this site and you will receive your choice of fabulous oils.

Please contact us if you are planning to start this program. We are always available to support in losing excess weight you should any issues or questions arise.

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